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Additional information

Common Name

Norway Spruce

Potting Type


Sun Requirement

Full sun

Growth Rate

Slow 1"-6" per year

Container Size



P R16


Picea abies ‘Pusch’ is a dwarf, spreading, globose selection of Norway spruce with lateral, layered branching and species-typical dark-green needles. Because of its propensity of producing seed cones at the terminal bud, it is not known to ever form apical dominance. After 10 years of growth a mature specimen will measure 18 inches (45 cm) tall and wide, an annual growth rate of 1 to 2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm). This cultivar is notable for a stunning display of bright red cones on most of the terminal branches in early spring, proving that conifers actually “bloom”. Later in the season, these cones will mature to light brown and remain with the plant until late winter. This is a great little plant for any garden


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