Rock Crest Gardens Nursery

Additional information

Common Name

Brewer Spruce

Potting Type

B & B

Sun Requirement

Full sun

Growth Rate

Medium 6"-12" per year





Mt. Magic'

Picea breweriana, commonly called Brewer’s spruce, is upright pyramidal evergreen tree when young, but develops pendulous branching and a weeping appearance with age. Trunk is typically buttressed and crown is conic. As the tree ages, branchlets (4-8′ long) droop straight down to form hanging curtains of foliage. Glossy dark green needles (to 1-1.5″ long) are gray-green beneath. Needles (flattened or triangular in cross section) are borne on woody pegs and radiate around the stems. Seed cones (3-6″ long) mature to red-brown.


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