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Common Name


Potting Type

B & B

Sun Requirement

Partial sun to partial shade

Growth Rate

Slow 1"-6" per year





Sargent's Weeping'

Tsuga canadensis ‘Sargent’s Weeping’ typically grows 4-5′ tall with a spread of 8-10′, but, depending upon how it is pruned, may reach 10-15′ tall at full maturity. However, with regular pruning, it can be limited to a 2-3′ mound of weeping foliage. Flat, dark green needles to 1/2″ long with two whitish bands of stomata underneath. Thimble-like, light brown cones to 3/4″ long may appear on older plants. Michael A. Dirr considers this weeping form to be “one of the most handsome of all conifers.”


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