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Additional information

Common Name

Panicle Hydrangea

Potting Type

B & B

Sun Requirement

Partial sun to partial shade

Growth Rate

Medium 6"-12" per year






‘Limelight’ is a slightly more compact cultivar that typically grows to 6-8’ tall and as wide. It is noted for producing large, dense, upright, cone-shaped panicles (to 8” across) of mostly sterile flowers that change color on the shrub as they mature. Flowers emerge creamy white, mature to chartreuse-lime and eventually acquire pink-darkening-to-rose tones before finally fading to beige. As the flower show fades in fall, the oval to ovate, serrate, dark green leaves (to 4” long) turn attractive shades of red. Panicles may be cut for fresh arrangements or for drying, or may be left on the plant where they will persist well into winter.

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