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Common Name

Jack Pine

Potting Type

B & B

Sun Requirement

Full sun

Growth Rate

Fast 12" or more per year


P R11



Uncle Fogy'

A pendulous form of Jack pine with wildly undulating, pendulous branches. The winter buds are densely covered with resin. According to Iseli nursery, it is a “bizarrely attractive collector’s plant.” Typical rate of growth for this cultivar is 12 to 18 inches (30 – 45 cm) per year, obviously producing a very large specimen in very short order. It tends to grow upward for only a few feet (1 m) before knuckling over and hugging the ground. However, ‘Uncle Fogy’ is very forgiving of staking and aggressive pruning which helps to contain it and can allow for very artistic presentation.


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Uncle Fogy'

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