• Description

    Cercidiphyllum japonicum, commonly called katsura tree, is native to Japan and China. It is a deciduous, single or multi-trunked, understory tree with a dense, rounded habit that typically matures to 40-60’ tall in cultivation, but can reach 100’ or more in the wild. It is grown for its beautiful shape and its attractive foliage. Cordate, round-oval leaves (to 4” long) resemble those of a small redbud (Cercis is the redbud genus and phyllon is Greek for leaf). Leaves emerge reddish purple in spring, mature to medium green with a slight bluish tinge in summer and turn quality shades of gold, orange and red in fall. Although not aromatic, the fallen autumn leaves have been varyingly described as smelling of cinnamon, burnt sugar or ripe apples. Tiny flowers (red on male trees and green on female trees) appear in spring before the foliage. Pollinated flowers on female trees are followed by clusters of greenish pods (to 3/4” long).

    About Cercidiphyllum japonicum

    Common Name: Katsura Tree
    Sun Requirement: Full sun to partial shade
    Growth Rate: Fast 12" or more per year

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