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    ‘Baby Blueyes’ is a semi-dwarf cultivar that will grow to 15-20’ tall over time. In 1972, it was discovered as a chance seedling in a cultivated group of grafted Picea pungens‘Moerheimii’ trees. Plant patent PP5,457 was issued on April 30, 1987. Patent documents assert that the distinctive features of this cultivar are its pyramidal shape, terminal dominance at an early age, closely spaced needles, high bud count, delayed spring growth of dormant buds and dense blue-gray foliage. Blue-gray needles hold their color well throughout the year. Plant patent documents list the cultivar name as ‘Baby Blueyes’ but the Royal Horticultural Society lists the cultivar name as ‘Baby Blueeyes’.

    About Glauca Baby Blue

    Common Name: Colorado Blue Spruce
    Sun Requirement: Full sun
    Growth Rate: Slow 1"-6" per year

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