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    Viburnum × bodnantense is a hybrid viburnum (cross between V. farreri and V. grandiflorum) that is particularly noted for its extremely fragrant, tubular, pink flowers. In cold winter climates (including St. Louis), flowers bloom on naked stems from late winter to early spring. In warm winter areas (including the deep South and Pacific Northwest coast), flowers bloom on naked stems from late autumn to early spring. Flowers appear in flat cymes (1-2" wide). This is an upright, narrow, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that typically matures to 8-10’ tall (sometimes more) and to 4-6' wide. Toothed, narrow-ovate leaves (2-4" long) emerge in spring with bronze tints, but mature to deep green. Leaves are similar in appearance to those of the V. grandiflorum parent. Foliage turns attractive shades of burgundy-red in fall. Flowers give way to red berries (drupes) which eventually mature to black by fall.

    About Pink Dawn STD

    Common Name: Viburnum
    Sun Requirement: Full sun to partial shade
    Growth Rate: Medium 6"-12" per year

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