• Description

    This floriferous shrub releases a tea fragrance that will delight you and your visitors, including all the pollinators it will undoubtedly draw to your garden. Pink Snowflakes produces a blizzard of blooms that cover the low, mounded plant from spring until fall's first frost. The charming, gently ruffled flowerheads arrive as deep pink, fading to soft yellow at the center. As the flower matures, its primary color lightens to pastel pink. Small, glossy, green leaves have good resistance against black spot in many climates, and superb resistance against powdery mildew, rust and downy mildew. Ideal for mass plantings and borders.

    About Pink Snowflakes'

    Common Name: Shrub Rose
    Sun Requirement: Full sun
    Growth Rate: Medium 6"-12" per year

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