• Description

    Pinus bungeana, commonly called lacebark pine, is a slow-growing conifer which typically grows 30-50' tall in about the same number of years. Most ornamental feature is its exfoliating bark which peels, somewhat like a sycamore, to reveal an underlying patchwork of white, olive, light purple and silver, eventually becoming milky white at maturity... but, patience is required because it usually takes at least 10 years before the bark begins to exfoliate and longer before the signature milky white bark fully develops. Younger trees may exhibit some mottling, however. It is most often seen as a spreading multi-trunked tree, sometimes almost shrubby, however it can also be trained as a single trunk tree. Medium to dark green needles (2-4" long) are in bundles of three. Small, yellowish-brown cones to 2" long.

    About Pinus bungeana

    Common Name: Lacebark Pine
    Sun Requirement: Full sun
    Growth Rate: Medium 6"-12" per year

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