• Description

    Preziosa' is a mophead-type hydrangea which is varyingly listed as a cultivar of H. serrata or as a cultivar of H. macrophylla or as a hybrid between the two. It is a compact deciduous shrub with a rounded habit which typically grows to 3-4' tall and as wide unless damaged by harsh winters or pruned smaller. Features small mophead-like panicles (3-4") in which the showy sterile florets progress through several different color changes (white to pink to reddish-purple) over a long summer to fall period. Serrate leaves emerge purple-tinted, mature to green and again acquire red to purple tints in fall. Dark maroon stems.

    About Preziosa

    Common Name: Hydrangea
    Sun Requirement: Partial shade to full shade
    Growth Rate: Medium 6"-12" per year

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